PT. Iskandar Muda fertilizer produces two types of urea, namely Prilled Urea and Granular Urea.

The technical specification of those two kinds of urea is relatively the same, only different in terms of grain size where the urea granules are larger and contain more anti cacking.

Technical Specification Prilled Urea Urea Granule
Nitrogen content 46 % (Minimal) 46 % (Minimal)
Water content 0,5 % (Maximal) 0,5 % (Maximal)
Biuret 1,0 % (Maximal) 1,0 % (Maximal)
Color White (coated and uncoated) White with anti cacking treatment
Packaging In 50-kg sacks and bulk In 50-kg sacks and bulk

Apart from its use as fertilizer, urea can also be used as raw materials for Melamine, Urea Formaldehyde and Acrylate Plastic productions.

Urea Process


Urea is formed from chemical reaction between ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Pure urea solution is crystallized in a vacuum, and then melted back into melter by using steam as the heater. From the upper prilling tower, molten urea is then applied dropwise and will be condensed after cooled with air.


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